UMG 509 - 52.26.001


UMG 509 - 52.26.001. Pokročilý analyzátor sítě, napájecí napětí je 95-240 V AC, 135-340 V DC. Paměť Flash, kapacita 256 MB. Rozhraní RS 485, Profibus DP, Ethernet, software GridVis.

Cena s DPH 36 690 Kč
Cena bez DPH 30 322 Kč
Kategorie: UMG 509
Kód: UMG 509 - 52.26.001
Záruka: 24 měsíců
Výrobce: Janitza electronic GmbH

Areas of application

• Continuous monitoring of the power quality
• Energy management systems (ISO 50001)
• Master device with Ethernet gateway for subordinate measurement points
• Visualisation of the energy supply in the LVDB
• Analysis of electrical disturbances in the event of power quality problems
• Cost centre analysis
• Remote monitoring in the property operation
• Use in test felds (e.g. in universities)

Main features

High quality measurement with high sampling rate
(20 kHz per channel)

Power quality

• Harmonics analysis up to 63rd harmonic
• Acquisition of short-term interruptions
• Acquisition of transients
• Display of waveforms (current and voltage)
• Unbalance
• Vector diagram RCM (Residual Current Monitoring)
• Continuous monitoring of residual currents (Residual Current Monitor, RCM)
• Alarming in case a preset threshold fault current reached
• Near-realtime reactions for triggering countermeasures
• Permanent RCM measurement for systems in permanent operation without the opportunity to switch off
• Ideal for the central earthing point in TN-S systems

Modern communications architecture via Ethernet

• Ethernet interface and web server
• Faster, better cost-optimised and more reliable communication system
• High flexibility due to the use of open standards
• Integration in PLC systems and BMS through additional interfaces
• BACnet optionally available
• Up to 4 ports simultaneous
• Versatile IP protocols

Modbus Gateway function

• Economical connection of devices without Ethernet interface
• Integration of devices with Modbus-RTU interface possible
• Data can be scaled and described
• Minimised number of IP addresses required

Graphical programming

• Comprehensive programming options (PLC functionality)
• Jasic® source code programming
• Sustainable functional expansions far beyond pure measurement
• Complete APPs from the Janitza library

Powerful alarm management

• Can be programmed via the graphic programming or Jasic® source code
• All measured values can be used
• Can be arbitrarily, mathematically processed
• Individual forwarding via email sending, switching of digital outputs, writing to Modbus addresses etc.
• Watchdog APPs
• Further alarm management functions via GridVis®-Service alarm management