UMG 512-PRO - 52.17.003


UMG 512-PRO - 52.17.003. Trojfázový analyzátor sítě s jmenovitým napětím až 347/600 V AC. Napájecí napětí 48-110 V AC, 24-150 V DC. Paměť Flash, kapacita 256 MB. Rozhraní RS 485, Profibus DP, Ethernet, software GridVis.

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Kategorie: UMG 512
Kód: UMG 512-PRO - 52.17.003
Záruka: 24 měsíců
Výrobce: Janitza electronic GmbH

Areas of application

• Continuous monitoring of the power quality
• Harmonics analysis with power quality problems
• Checking the internal supply network according to EN 61000-4-7, EN 6100-4-15, EN 61000-4-30
• Fault analysis in case of problems with the energy supply
• Documentation of the power quality for customers and regulatory authorities
• Ethernet Gateway for subordinate measurement points
• Report generator for power quality standards: EN 50160, IEE519, EN61000-2-4, ITIC …
• Report generator for energy consumptions
• Energy Dashboard
• Remote monitoring of critical processes

Main features

Power quality

• Harmonics analysis up to the 63rd harmonic, even / odd (U, I, P, Q)
• Interharmonics (U, I)
• Distortion factor THD-U / THD-I / TDD
• Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence component
• Unbalance
• Direction of rotation feld
• Voltage crest factor
• Flicker measurement in accordance with DIN EN 61000-4-15
• Logging and storage of transients (> 39 µs)
• Short-term interruptions (> 10 ms)
• Monitoring start-up processes

High quality measurement

• Constant true RMS measurement
• Measurement process in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30
• Certifed accuracy of measurement according to class A
• Continuous sampling of the voltage and current measurement inputs at 25,6 kHz
• 512 measurement points per period
• Recording of over 2,000 measured values per measurement cycle
• Accuracy of active energy measurement: Class 0.2S
• Fast measurement even enables the logging of rapid transients from 39 µs
• Logging of currents and voltages (15 – 440 Hz)

RCM (Residual Current Monitoring)

• Continuous monitoring of residual currents (Residual Current Monitor, RCM)
• Alarming in case a preset threshold fault current reached
• Near-realtime reactions for triggering countermeasures
• Permanent RCM measurement for systems in permanent operation without the opportunity to switch off
• Ideal for the central earthing point in TN-S systems

User-friendly, colour graphical display with intuitive user guidance

• High resolution colour graphical display 320 x 240, 256 colours, 6 buttons
• User-friendly, self-explanatory and intuitive operation
• Backlight for optimum reading, even in darker environments
• Illustration of measured values in numeric form, as a bar graph or line graph
• Clear and informative representation of online graphs and power quality events
• Multilingual: German, English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, Turkish ...

Various characteristics

• 4 voltage and 6 current measurement inputs
• 2 digital inputs, e.g. as data logger for S0 meter
• 2 digital outputs for alarm message or e.g. for connection to a BMS or PLC
• Free name assignment for the digital IOs, e.g. if used as data logger

Comprehensive communication and connection possibilities

• Modbus
• Profbus
• Ethernet (TCP/IP)
• Digital IOs
• BACnet (optional)
• Confgurable Firewall

Modern communications architecture via Ethernet

• Simple integration in an Ethernet network
• Reliable and cost-optimised establishment of communication
• Ideal for Master-Slave structures
• High flexibility due to the use of open standards
• Integration in PLC systems and BMS through additional interfaces
• Various IP protocols: SNMP, ICMP (Ping), NTP, FTP …
• Up o 4 ports simultaneous

Measuring device homepage

• Web server on the measuring device, i.e. device's inbuilt homepage
• Function expansion possible through APPs
• Remote operation of the device display via the homepage
• Comprehensive measurement data incl. PQ (transients, events…)
• Online data directly available via the homepage, historic data optional via the APP measured value monitor, 51.00.245 BACnet protocol for building communication
• Optimal interoperability between devices from various manufacturers
• Predefned BIBBs (BACnet Interoperability Building Block)
• BACnet is optionally available with UMG 512
• UMG 512 supports the device type B-SA with the BIBBs DS-RP-B and DS-WP-B
• Furthermore, the BIBBs DS-COV-B and DM-UTC-B are also supported

Modbus Gateway function

• Economical connection of subordinate measuring devices without Ethernet interface
• Integration of devices with Modbus-RTU interface possible (harmonisation of data format and function code necessary)
• Data can be scaled and described
• Minimised number of IP addresses required
• Tried and tested integrated solution without additional hardware

Programming / PLC functionality

• Further processing of the measurement data in the measuring device (local intelligence)
• Monitoring and alarm functions simple to program
• Sustainable functional expansions far beyond pure measurement
• Comprehensive programming options with
- Jasic® source code programming
- Graphical programming
• Complete APPs from the Janitza library

Large measurement data memory

• 256 MB data memory
• Memory range up to 2 years (confguration-dependent)
• Individually confgurable recordings
• Recording averaging times can be freely selected
• PQ recordings template preconfgured for conventional standards (e.g. EN 50160)
• User-defned memory segmenting possible

Powerful alarm management

• Information available immediately by email
• Inform maintenance personnel via the powerful device homepage
• Via digital outputs, Modbus addresses, GridVis® software
• Programming via Jasic® or graphical programming
• Further alarm management functions via GridVis®-Service alarm management

Peak load representation and peak load management

• Illustration of the 3 highest monthly power peaks on the LCD display (P, Q, S)
• Rolling bar chart representation of the peak power values over 3 years on the LCD display (P, Q, S)
• Plain text representation on the LCD display (P)

GridVis®-Basic power quality analysis software

• Multilingual
• Manual read-out of the measuring devices
• Manual report generation (power quality and energy consumption reports)
• Comprehensive PQ analysis with individual graphs
- Online graphs
- Historic graphs
- Graph sets
• Integrated databases (Janitza DB, Derby DB)
• Graphical programming
• Topology views
• High memory range

Certifed quality through independent institutes

• ISO 9001
• Energy management certifed according to ISO 50001
• Class A certifcate (IEC 61000-4-30)
• UL certifcate
• EMC-tested product