UMG 96RM - 52.22.061


UMG 96RM, 52.22.061. Trojfázový analyzátor sítě s jmenovitým napětím až 277/480 V AC. Napájecí napětí 90-277 V AC, 90-250 V DC. Rozhraní RS 485, software GridVis.

Cena s DPH 10 030 Kč
Cena bez DPH 8 289 Kč
Kategorie: UMG 96/L/S/RM
Kód: UMG 96RM - 52.22.061
Výrobce: Janitza electronic GmbH

Areas of application

• Measurement, monitoring and checking of electrical characteristics in energy distribution systems
• Recording of load profles for energy management systems (e.g. ISO 50001)
• Acquisition of the energy consumption for cost centre analysis
• Measured value transducer for building management systems or PLC (Modbus)

Main features

Particular advantages

• Compact construction saves space and costs during installation
• Seamless and sustained recording thanks to large measured data memory or via the online data acquisition (e.g. GridVis®-Service)
• High data security and redundancy
• Comprehensive communications options and protocols
• Multifaceted, pre-defned reports for power quality and energy consumption analysis (via GridVis®-Service)
• Simple report generation at the press of a button or automatically in accordance with defned time plans
• Precision measurement results provide an effective infrastructure as well as high production availability
• Generic Modbus profle: Arbitrary Modbus-capable devices and systems from other manufacturers can be incorporated and visualised in the monitoring solutions
• Long-term availability of the measurement devices guarantees simple retroftting with system expansions

Energy data acquisition & load profle

• Detailed acquisition of the energy data and the load profle
• More transparency in energy supply through energy analyses
• Safer design of the power distribution systems

Cost centre analysis

• Determination of energy costs
• Breakdown and allocation of energy consumers

Energy management systems (ISO 50001)

• Continuous increase in energy effciency
• Cost reduction
• UMG 96RM series multifunctional power analysers are an important part of energy management systems

Transparency of energy supply

• More transparency through a multi-stage, scalable measurement system
• Acquisition of individual events through continuous measurement with high resolution

Power quality monitoring

• Notifcation of inadequate power quality
• Introduction of measures to address network problems
• Prevention of production downtimes
• Signifcantly longer service life for equipment
• Improved sustainability

Measurement accuracy of 0.2 % (V), kWh class = 0.5S

• High sampling rate at 21.3 kHz
• Reliable measurement accuracy of 0.2 % (V)
• Effective energy class (kWh): 0.5S

Energy meter with 8 tariffs, effective and reactive energy

• Energy measurement in 4 quadrants, each with 8 tariffs for effective and reactive energy
• Safe and precise acquisition of operational values for individual electrical loads

Communications options:
Ethernet, Profbus, Modbus, M-Bus, …

• Numerous interfaces and protocols, guaranteeing an easy system connection (energy management system, PLC, SCADA, BMS)

Large measurement data memory

• Saving of measurement data possible over very long periods of time
• Recording freely user confgurable

Harmonics analyser

• Harmonics analysis up to 40th harmonic
• Information about power quality, grid disturbances and possible "network polluters"

Pluggable screw terminals

• Convenient installation even where spaces are tight Backlight
• Large, high-contrast LCD display with backlighting
• Very good readability and intuitive operation, even in poor lighting conditions

Basic device

• RS485 interface with Modbus protocol and 2 digital outputs enable quick and low-cost monitoring of power quality and energy consumption

Profbus and digital IOs

• The Profbus connection is used in systems where the UMG 96RM-P is to be incorporated into the automation environment (PLC controllers)


• The UMG 96RM-M can be simply and cost-effectively integrated into consumption data acquisition systems via the M-Bus connection.
• The M-Bus is primarily used for the acquisition of consumption data collection from various different consumption meters, such as water, gas, heat or electrical current.

Ethernet (TCP/IP) with the UMG 96RM-EL

• Simple integration into the Ethernet (LAN) network
• Fast and reliable data communication

4th current transformer input

• Continuous monitoring of the N-conductor by means of the 4th current input
• Available with variants UMG 96RM-P and UMG 96RM-CBM



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