UMG 96RM-E - 52.22.063


UMG 96RM-E - 52.22.063. Trojfázový analyzátor sítě s jmenovitým napětím až 277/480 V AC. Napájecí napětí 24-90 V AC, 24-90 V DC. Paměť Flash, kapacita 256 MB. Rozhraní RS 485, Ethernet, software GridVis.

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Kategorie: UMG 96/L/S/RM
Kód: UMG 96RM-E - 52.22.063
Záruka: 24 měsíců
Výrobce: Janitza electronic GmbH

Areas of application

• Measurement, monitoring and checking of electrical characteristics in energy distribution systems
• Recording of load profles in energy management systems (e.g. ISO 50001)
• Acquisition of the energy consumption for cost centre analysis
• Measured value transducer for building management systems or PLC (Modbus)
• Monitoring of power quality characteristics, e.g. harmonics up to 40th harmonic
• Residual current monitoring (RCM)

Main features

Universal meter

• Operating current monitoring for general electrical parameters
• High transparency through a multi-stage and scalable measurement system in the feld of energy measurement
• Acquisition of events through continuous measurement with 200 ms high resolution

RCM device

• Continuous monitoring of residual currents (Residual Current Monitor, RCM)
• Alarming in case a preset threshold fault current reached
• Near-realtime reactions for triggering countermeasures
• Permanent RCM measurement for systems in permanent operation without the opportunity to switch off

Energy measurement device

• Continuous acquisition of the energy data and load profles
• Essential both in relation to energy effciency and for the safe design of power distribution systems

Harmonics analyser / event recorder

• Analysis of individual harmonics for current and voltage
• Prevention of production downtimes
• Signifcantly longer service life for equipment
• Rapid identifcation and analysis of power quality fluctuations by means of user-friendly tools (GridVis®)

Extensive selection of tariffs

• 7 tariffs each for effective energy (consumption, delivery and without backstop)
• 7 tariffs each for reactive energy (inductive, capacitive and without backstop)
• 7 tariffs for apparent energy
• L1, L2 and L3, for each phase

Highest possible degree of reliability

• Continuous leakage current measurement
• Historical data: Long-term monitoring of the residual current allows changes to be identifed in good time, e.g. insulation faults
• Time characteristics: Recognition of time relationships
• Prevention of neutral conductor carryover
• RCM threshold values can be optimized for each individual case: Fixed, dynamic and stepped RCM threshold value
• Monitoring of the CGP (central ground point) and the subdistribution panels

Analysis of fault current events

• Event list with time stamp and values
• Presentation of fault currents with characteristic and duration
• Reproduction of phase currents during the fault current surge
• Presentation of the phase voltages during the fault current surge

Analysis of the harmonic fault current components

• Frequencies of the fault currents (fault type)
• Current peaks of the individual frequency components in A and %
• Harmonics analysis up to 40th harmonic
• Maximum values with real-time bar display

Digital IOs

• Extensive confguration of IOs for intelligent integration, alarm
and control tasks

Ethernet (TCP/IP)- / Homepage- / Ethernet-Modbus gateway functionality

• Simple integration into the network
• More rapid and reliable data transfer
• Modern homepage
• World-wide access to measured values by means of standard web browsers via the device's inbuilt homepage
• Access to measurement data via various channels
• Reliable saving of measurement data possible over a very long periods of time in the 256 MByte measurement data memory
• Connection of Modbus slave devices via Ethernet-Modbus gateway

Measuring device homepage

• Webserver on the measuring device, i.e. device's own homepage
• Remote operation of the device display via the homepage
• Comprehensive measurement data incl. PQ
• Online data directly available via the homepage, historic data optional via the APP measured value monitor, 51.00.246